In the article we reference below, we see a clear sign that some factor other than CO2 emissions is having a massive influence on the so-called doomsday glacier in the Antarctic.

“Oh but CO2 must be playing some some part”, the climate alarmists will say.

“It’s clearly not good to also have CO2 contributing from above”, will say others.

Yet, as always, all will miss the point that such massive features of the Earth’s environment, with the power to raise sea levels and/or change weather patterns, can completely overwhelm and change the equation of the global climate and regional ecosystems at almost any point in time, as they always have!

With no link at all to anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

It’s called risk management, and when one factor (actually, hundreds if not thousands of factors – eg. water vapour, volcanic activity, earthquakes, impact events, ocean currents, land use changes, magnetic fields, solar activity, etc. etc…..) can completely render the small effects of some other factor (like human CO2 emissions) completely irrelevant, you don’t base your entire game plan around the minor factor, and, in fact, you really should totally ignore it.

Otherwise, the major risk is that all of your hard-fought efforts tending to a relatively tiny element of a much greater system will be for absolutely nothing – which is exactly what is already happening as observations decouple from models, and this will almost certainly become even more apparent as time passes – and that’s not even factoring in the certain failure of global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in the first place and other human influences like geopolitics, currently AKA “The Putin Factor”.

All while billions of people who would benefit enormously from increased, unrestricted usage of fossil fuels to power their homes, transport, regional economies, access to education, etc. (you know, the kinda important stuff), as has been the case for all of the world’s wealthiest people until recently, continue to wallow either in complete energy poverty, or struggle to make ends meets due to unnecessarily high energy costs.

But what else would you expect from useless, self-absorbed global elites.

At least they can convince themselves that they tried to control the climate of an entire planet, at the expense of almost everyone else… literally….


New seafloor images off the West Antarctic Ice Sheet upend understanding of Thwaites Glacier retreat


“At some point in the last 200 years, over a duration of less than six months, the front of the glacier lost contact with a seabed ridge and retreated at a rate of more than 2.1 kilometers per year (1.3 miles per year)—twice the rate documented using satellites between 2011 and 2019.”