Today’s post highlights a common Faustian bargain climate alarmists, often high profile, influential journalists, make to justify their blind support of inefficient energy sources and attempts to control the naturally chaotic global climate via one, tiny variable.

The bargain is always the same:

Knowingly increasing guaranteed levels of human suffering now, today, for a highly unlikely potential decrease in an unknown quantity of human suffering in the future.

Kind of like paying insurance, just that, instead of using money, we’re paying with the potential of billions of people alive today to lead as fulfilling lives as possible, and all the misery and suffering that entails…

And with absolutely no guarantee the insurance company will ever pay up, let alone be needed.

And all of this waste and speculation, with the guaranteed suffering that comes with it, regardless of the levels of future suffering actually likely to be involved!!

More importantly, there is still scant evidence that any such supposedly ‘negative’ future climate states are directly attributable to CO2 emissions, with guesses varying widely depending on how batshit crazy and/or scientifically and historically illiterate climate alarmists are… So, suffering for essentially nothing at all, at least for nothing that can be easily verified and accounted for.

But, just forget about all of that.

Of course we, living humans, should be suffering today, as much as possible really, for the objective good of the planet and some future group of super humans with technology hundreds of times better than today’s.

It doesn’t matter if the suffering won’t improve anything, ever.

It’s what Gaia would have wanted…

Seems a joke, right?

But just look at the quote and tone of the article referenced below.

Clearly positive and bullish about the suffering of the Chinese people – a real estate slump, restrictions to personal movements and less usage of electricity – all factors that eventually translate to massive suffering, lives lost and slower progress towards better lives for all.

But at least it means lower emissions!!!!!

Rinse and repeat for most of the mainstream media reporting on this.

Once you see this pattern, it’s hard to look away…


As reported by analyst Lauri Myllyvirta in Carbon Brief, the drop compared with the same period in 2021 was 230m tonnes – equivalent to nearly half Australia’s annual emissions, and the largest cut in Chinese carbon pollution in at least a decade. It was driven by both short and long-term trends: a real-estate slump, Covid-related restrictions, weak growth in electricity use and continued renewable energy expansion


Reasons for (cautious) optimism: the good news on the climate crisis