Cheeky headlines aside, today we see the head of oil and gas company BP, who may or may not be either a rocket scientist or brain surgeon, pointing out the most basic of basic concepts around the need for more energy all around the world as quickly as possible to help keep energy prices low.

While Einstein journalists and politicians will actually blame ‘fossil fuels’ combined with all kinds of minor and tangential factors for the fact that global energy prices have gone through the roof of late, while simultaneously and contradictorily shouting to the masses about how cheap renewables should be (kinda like claiming that a cheap Hyundai car should have a low price but is currently expensive because of the mere existence of luxury cars), the simple fact is that prices are currently high because supply of the principal and most feasible source of energy in most situations, fossil fuels, has been severely constricted in recent years.

And the only solution to that simple equation is to increase supply – er derrr.

And if you create barriers to increasing the supply of fossil fuels, in a situation where there is no feasible substitute available, you are directly responsible for higher prices – er derrr.

And higher energy prices = more poverty.

So, supporting barriers to fossil fuels = supporting more poverty.

It ain’t rocket science.


World needs to accept the urgent need for fossil fuel investment now, BP CEO says


An energy system that worked, he argued, was “an energy system that provides the world — Europe in this example — with secure energy, affordable energy and cleaner energy”.

What the planet needed, he later added, was a plan that didn’t solely address lowering emissions but security and affordability too.