Seriously, the depths the climate scaremongers will go to to create ideal conditions for the spread of their bullshit seems to have no end. Orwellian nightmare in full swing.

So now we have ‘flash droughts’, give me a break…

Obviously based on the concept of a flash flood, which is generally “flooding that begins within 6 hours, and often within 3 hours, of the heavy rainfall (or other cause)“, it’s just that flash droughts take a wee bit longer.

Namely, a: “drought event characterized by a multiweek period of accelerated intensification that culminates in impacts to one or more sectors (agricultural, hydrological, etc.).

Not quite so flashy really, is it?….




RUSHDASH —used of flowing water


to break forth in or like a sudden flame or flare



to appear suddenly

an idea flashes into her mind


to move with great speed

the days flash by

Why not just call it what it is, a multiweek onset drought or interseasonal drought or similar; you know, something accurate? Of course not!

And, surprise surprise, seems the term is a modern, post-Gore creation, as shown below. Imagine my shock…

Anyway, whatever. We’re now waiting for the next scary weather phenomenon to be invented.

Perhaps a ‘killer gentle breeze’…