It is extremely common these days to simply throw in a reference to climate change as a negative contributor or key factor in almost any environmental or even social and political dilemma.

It is so pervasive that most researchers and journalists do not even bother backing up such claims, often simply including the reference as almost a throwaway line, thereby continuing to build a dominant narrative around the topic with no associated evidence or even logic, in most cases.

As a key example, see the quote below, where the author simply includes the line “which has been compounded by climate change” with absolutely no evidence or links or anything at all really. All while talking about Somalia, one of the most drought-prone locations on the planet, and which hasn’t seen any increase in average temperature in the last century

Meanwhile, all other areas of knowledge still have to stick to the old rules of being backed up by evidence and reasoning, good arguments, etc. you know, the way the old timers used to do it.

It is a shocking and dangerous double standard that has so much momentum that most people do not even question it in the slightest anymore.

And at the heart of the issue this website seeks to deal with is the fact that energy poverty is still rife in the world, and that climate change alarmism is actively worsening the outlook for those in such states, at a time when civilization should be moving in exactly the opposite way, continuing its push towards energy and food security, education, adequate shelter, etc. for the planet’s entire population.

Climate change alarmism, backed by shoddy science, little to no evidence, horribly biased models focused on non-human factors and unrealistic economic assumptions, and myriad other dodgy and sneaky techniques, such as the unreferenced promotion of climate change as a catch all scapegoat throughout the mainstream media, mentioned above, directly hinders our chances to lift up the planet’s poorest inhabitants and give them the protection and resources required to live the lives that first worlders take for granted, and have done so for decades now.

If humanity focused purely on lifting up the world’s poor to well above the poverty level, thereby raising global education, health and hygiene levels, and all of the advanced technology and build environment that comes with it, almost everyone would be better off, regardless of the global average temperature in 20, 40, 60 years time, and the state of the climate at those times, whatever that be.

But perhaps don’t ask us – maybe ask those mentioned in the article below that are dying in Somalia right now: would tget would prefer a slow, decades long crusade toward possibly altering tiny aspects of the global climate (or maybe not at all!) in some way that may or may not be positive in the long run, or would rather have access right now to the food and shelter and technology that unrestricted access to fossil fuels throughout the supply chain would provide almost instantly, or at least in the very near term, if only there was a humanity-level focus on solving such problems.

Climate alarmism dooms billions to death both now and well into the future, guaranteed.


Millions of livestock have died in the current crisis, which has been compounded by climate change and insecurity as Somalia battles thousands of fighters with al-Qaeda’s East Africa affiliate, al-Shabab. The UN migration agency says 3.8 million people are displaced, a record high.


Drought in Somalia killed as many as 43,000 people last year – half of them children