Very much worth us posting here on Primate v. Climate, in full… Extremely relevant to discussions around energy poverty and climate alarmism….


I would like to welcome my new 50 thousand Twitter followers who have joined me in the past one day as attacks continue to come my way. With nearly 200 thousand followers, I can keep getting the facts and the truth out! I need 1 million followers first, not to get attention, but because I have something important to share and the word has to get out.

You know, true journalism is compassionate. It does not connive with the powerful to oppress and manipulate the poor, it afflicts the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, it looks at the little guy in the room with no voice, the little school with no water, the people with no lawyers, no consultants or public relations firms to defend them.

Often journalists become part of the elite. They wear nice suits, drive nice cars, fly nice planes and have no idea what the people are going through. In the briefing room, they measure people based on how much money their outlet has, how many readers came in yesterday, they look down on those who are not on their so-called level, and they become entitled and the real people turn their backs on them. When they tweet, no one respond, because the people see the arrogance, the entitlement, the lack of empathy and compassion.

That’s what I am telling them in the @whitehouse briefing room. Don’t fly to Africa when you disrespect and sideline the African in the room. Open your eyes and minds, I’m right here with you, not miles away, and even though my questions may be uncomfortable, that’s simply me doing my job and that’s what the American people want and that’s what the First Amendment protects. That’s why this is the United States, the most advanced country in the world where you can ask questions without fear of retaliation!

Source: Simon Ateba, Twitter