Because some idiot climate alarmist activist/journalist in CNN’s newsroom had an hallucination and or huge reefer for breakfast ..

Seriously, what depths we have reached. What an absolutely ridiculous article and waste of time and effort…

Yes, let’s plan and structure the development pathway of all of humanity, for the next 100 years, on the movements of penguins.


Oh dear….


Now, penguin experts say these birds that move like tuxedoed toddlers are showing us the hidden hazards of burning coal and other fossil fuels by the way they march. And as global warming changes the survival-of-the-fittest game at the bottom of the world, one particular species of Antarctic penguin is modeling a poignant lesson for humanity:

Adapt or die…and make it quick.


As Antarctica’s penguins struggle with record low sea ice, one species is adapting — and it offers lessons to us all