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Prioritizing energy poverty in a world obsessed with a chaotic climate

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What leftists really want from the energy market

Basically, what China already has, as in state control. See the article included below. They just haven’t figured out yet that, as is clearly the case for China, that means more fossil fuels, as required, for the forseeable future. It is equal parts amusement and frustration watching the same people leading ESG and Net Zero […]

C – Cooking

While first world countries debate bullshit energy talking points that, laughably, now generally touch on how much they think they can influence the Earth’s climate, always for the better, even as all indicators show they absolutely can’t and are even failing miserably on every emissions reduction front, the reality for many billions of people in […]

Energy security efforts decouple from disingenuous climate rhetoric

It had to happen at some point, and while it may not be the killer blow to climate alarmist blowhards, the ongoing global energy crisis should push a lot of people away from mindless net zero and ‘evil CO2’ arguments and positions. Today’s reference article provides an excellent perspective on how efforts to secure energy […]

Wizards of Oz taking a leadership role….. into oblivion

Australia must take a leadership role on the planet-wide problem of climate change, we Aussies constantly hear from large swathes of our government, media and wanker classes. We’ve done leadership so well before, in all manner of areas, apparently (rugby league, Aussie Rules football, and a number of other sports played almost exclusively here, but […]

Energy poverty continues to trump fake diplomatic alarmism, as it should

With signs that even the mildest predictions of a somehow ‘worsening’ global climate, whatever that really means when you consider the requirements of 8 billion odd humans, plus their ancestors, all in wildly different circumstances across millions of square kilometres of different conditions, are not eventuating, it is becoming harder for even the hardest core […]

Decarbonisation or globalisation: pick one…

Great article, copied below, posing many of the key contradictions facing the decarbonisation-at-all-costs crowd, which generally masquerades as friendly, Net-Zero & ESG-obsessed consultants and/or concerned citizens. At the end of the day, as countries pit their decarbonisation efforts against each other, while also horse trading energy exports, raw materials and technologies, all in a rapidly […]

Why relying on more ‘stuff’ is never a good idea

Renewables need a mass of materials, land, labour and maintenance. “So what”, say advocates, who hate fossil fuels that much that they won’t consider counter-arguments of almost any type. Well, the below article is what happens when your approach to life is to rely on more and more ‘stuff’. You know, kind of the opposite […]

The convenience of the word ‘likely’ for the true believers

It’s likely that there was some cheating in the 2021 US election It’s likely that if I only drink three beers I’ll still be under the DUI limit, but it’s not guaranteed It’s likely that e = mc to the power of something, but I can’t remember what It’s likely that if I shoot this […]

‘Acceptable’ environmental destruction

Yes it’s perfectly ok to destroy the environment, as long as you claim to produce very little CO2 (even if you secretly do…). What’s endangering a few species here and there when you can feel the warm comfort of charging your phone with energy from 200m tall metal windmills in the middle of the sea […]

The “Science” of writing about climate change

In a world increasingly driven by headlines and 30 second blurbs and/or videos, there is clearly an emerging vanguard of alarmist journalist and/or activists that play it very fast and loose with scientific language and concepts – at complete odds with their overarching narrative that we all should be following “the Science”. As most of […]

Quantifying net-zero in geopolitical and economic terms

Sounds reasonable, right??! And so completely feasible and likely… Perhaps we can just build a few trillion into our aid budget…. ARTICLE: India Needs $12.4 Trillion for Net-Zero Transition, Report Says KEY QUOTE: “Eight emerging markets — India, China, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, UAE, Nigeria and South Africa — will together need $94.8 trillion in […]


On the problems with urban heat islands

A great little paragraph below explaining the issues with global temperature measurements, particularly when it comes to urban heat islands (UHIs). From Electroverse. KEY QUOTE: …why does the data show North America is cooling yet the planet overall is heating up? Well, one answer could be that weather station coverage is very good across the U.S. and Canada, whereas it’s very poor across much of the rest of the planet — and where coverage is thin (such as in […]

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