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Prioritizing energy poverty in a world obsessed with a chaotic climate

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Africa at the forefront of outrageous hypocrisy multiplied by utter immorality

Trust the Guardian to be at the forefront of this, but clearly a whole slab of society has also been convinced that it is doing good by keeping the poorest continent on Earth as free of fossil fuel development as possible, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence that it would be the fastest way […]

Rocket scientists and brain surgeons back fossil fuels

Cheeky headlines aside, today we see the head of oil and gas company BP, who may or may not be either a rocket scientist or brain surgeon, pointing out the most basic of basic concepts around the need for more energy all around the world as quickly as possible to help keep energy prices low. […]

Battery minerals vs CO2 – define ‘sustainable’ and ‘clean’…

The concept that the release of CO2 into the global atmosphere at relatively miniscule rates – ie. a rise from 3 parts in 10,000 to 4 or 5 parts in 10,000 on the timescale of centuries – is MORE dangerous and harmful to the ability of humans to inhabit the Earth than myriad side effects […]

When positives outweigh negatives….

We’re not sure that Bloomberg, in the article referenced below and here, nor most of its readers, recognise this, but when positives outweigh negatives it kinda means….. well, let’s just say that that’s the definition of a net positive situation…. Regardless of their real, ulterior motive of essentially criticizing capitalism and the profit motive, the […]

Trading more poverty for less CO2

If you advocate for reducing CO2 emissions to somehow “improve” the planet’s climate, please at least know this: you are actively contributing to higher levels of global poverty than would be the case if CO2 emissions were not restricted. Simply by limiting CO2 emissions, in any way, humanity is purposefully removing access to a viable […]

M – Models

UPDATE Sept 2022: Still no change and in fact the models are even worse … Oh well.. Thanks to Electroverse for the heads up and image below… When it comes to temperature predictions, can I get a “we don’t really know what we’re talking about” from pretty much every known expert and/or scientific body? Or […]

U – Unreliables

The undoubted benefits and uses for ‘renewable’ energy, which we at this site don’t oppose at all, will nonetheless never make up for its unreliable nature, no matter how strenuously green sector and supply chain lobbyists, climate alarmists and state-funded scientists try to coordinate their narrative to the contrary. The material and land use requirements […]

More evidence that human CO2 has no bearing on various disastrous climate conditions

And who knows, maybe it’s even helping to avoid some of the horror periods described in this well-researched article we link to below, whose authors don’t pretend to know everything and intend to keep investigating the causes. You know, just like ‘the Science’ requires… ARTICLE: 1,000-year-old stalagmites from a cave in India show the monsoon […]

Climate alarmists and their ‘acceptable’ human suffering

Today’s post highlights a common Faustian bargain climate alarmists, often high profile, influential journalists, make to justify their blind support of inefficient energy sources and attempts to control the naturally chaotic global climate via one, tiny variable. The bargain is always the same: Knowingly increasing guaranteed levels of human suffering now, today, for a highly […]

Producing usable, viable ‘renewable’ energy is just so cheap and easy, right?

Ahem… Perhaps not so much, judging from the article we reference below… And we just love how the word renewable doesn’t even appear in the text, anywhere, just ‘energy company’. What a convenient time not to highlight that aspect of the business model, huh… Something that is usually front and centre of all the bullshit […]

Thwaites glacier moves to a different beat, clearly not at the whim of CO2

In the article we reference below, we see a clear sign that some factor other than CO2 emissions is having a massive influence on the so-called doomsday glacier in the Antarctic. “Oh but CO2 must be playing some some part”, the climate alarmists will say. “It’s clearly not good to also have CO2 contributing from […]

History repeating for renewable energy ruling class

The fantastic article included below features many, many great points and well structured arguments for the need to move away from the increasingly dominant ideas that existing forms of non-nuclear renewable energy can and will someday be able to power everything, everywhere. Clearly preposterous, although large swathes of society and the leadership classes continue to […]


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