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Future generations will inhabit a wealthier, more technologically advanced and smarter world, regardless of how the climate changes.

Yet there are still close to one billion humans in energy poverty, today, and many more in marginal situations.

In a global energy market, the scarcity principle demands that removing supply leads to higher absolute prices.

Therefore, efforts to curb fossil fuel usage necessarily increase global energy poverty; the logic is undeniable. Short of a guaranteed doomsday, we better have pretty solid reasoning and evidence to pursue such a path, and either way the approach is tantamount to a sacrifice (to the climate gods?)…

Should today’s poor have less access to energy because wealthy and powerful altruists think they can manipulate unpredictable, poorly understood and highly capricious future climate scenarios? Even as they fail miserably with myriad models and predictions…

Who benefits from such a crusade, and why should generations dying in abject poverty accept it, and be the sacrificial lambs of today’s climate crusaders?

Read all about it on Primate v. Climate.

Established in the year of lockdown, 2020-2021.

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